SSIS Task Explained

SSIS Task is atomic unit of work which is designed to provide functionality to SSIS Package. It is similar to functions in VBA or C#. SSIS Tasks can be dragged and dropped and configured from within BIDS. You can develop your own tasks, just like you are able to define your own functions and methods in any programming language. However, Microsoft has a good amount of tasks pre-built and available for you to use. As a result, you may never need to create your own SSIS Tasks. Let’s take a look at several tasks available with out of the box SSIS implementation.

Task Name


ActiveX Script

It helps with execution of ActiveX scripts. It is used mostly as legacy task.

Analysis Services Execute DDL

It helps with DDL execution. It is used for managing Cubes.

Analysis Services Processing

It helps to process SSAS cubes and dimensions

Bulk Insert

It inserts data into tables using BULK INSERT

Data Flow

It helps with load and transform data into ADO.NET and OLE DB

Data Mining Query

It runs query against SSAS data model

Data Profiling

It allows for data examination

Execute DTS 2000 Package

It helps with SQL 2000 DTS packages

Execute Package

It helps with execution of SSIS package or package from within another package

Execute Process

It executes processes external to your package

Execute SQL

It executes SQL statements or SPs

File System

It helps in managing file directory related tasks


It helps with FTP related activities

Message Queue

It helps with MSMQ activities


It helps with scripting in Visual Studio Tools for Applications

Send Mail

It helps manage SMTP messaging

Web Service

It helps with execution of Web Services methods

WMI Data Reader

It helps with running WQL queries

WMI Event Watcher

It helps with certain WMI events


It helps with XML file processing

There are a lot more tasks available to you other than listed above. Those tasks may be used for activities related to SQL Server maintenance and support and not necessarily to your SSIS Package.

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