SSIS Interview Questions

SSIS can be very tricky subject during interview. There are high level questions that are easy to answer such as "What is the difference between Control Flow vs Data Flow?". There are tricky questions that require day to day working knowledge of SSIS such as "When to use Scripts versus Built in component?"

In order to prepare yourself for the interview, you need to understand what it takes to build a solution in SSIS. You can use tutorial like ours to familiarize yourself with all the concepts available in SSIS. However, we summarize most often asked questions during interviews about SSIS in order to give you 360 degree view.

Some companies may give you broken SSIS Package and ask you to fix it, or may want you to write small SSIS package from scratch. They may also give you brief scenario and ask to provide your best shot at resolving and issue in the scenario. So, you need to be prepared for that.


  1. How Control Flow and Data Flow are different?
  2. Explain difference between synchronous and asynchronous Data Flow.
  3. What are some of the SSIS Package configurations and how do they work?
  4. What is Multicast Shape and what it is used for?
  5. What kind of SSIS Shape would you use to concatenate two input fields into one?
  6. How do you do Error Handling in SSIS?
  7. How to Deploy SSIS Packages?
  8. How to Schedule SSIS Package?
  9. How to run control flow in transaction?
  10. What are Conditional Split and Multicast Transformation? How are they different?
  11. Can you use System.Web in SSIS?
  12. How to pass variable from one package to another package in SSIS?

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