SSIS Container Types and Properties

SSIS Containers are part of SSIS architecture. They are designed to group related tasks together. In addition SSIS Containers allow defining variables and handlers within container itself. SSIS Containers can be of four different types.

  • SSIS Task Host Container is designed to a simple interface for any tasks. In other word, any SSIS task belongs to this container. Note: it is an interface and as such is not visible within BIDS.
  • SSIS Sequence Container is designed to group SSIS tasks into groups. You can close and open this container as needed.
  • SSIS For Loop Container is designed to loop through tasks until given condition has been met.
  • SSIS Foreach Loop Container is designed to iterate trough a data set and execute task for each record in the data set.

SSIS Containers have common properties which are helpful in developing SSIS Packages. They are all listed below:




It indicates whether validation is delayed and it is Boolean type.


It indicates if container runs. It is also Boolean type.


It indicates if event handler runs. Boolean type of property.


It specifies if package fails.


It specifies isolation level of a container: Unspecified, ReadUncommitted, ReadCommitted, RepeatableRead, Snapshot, Serializable and Chaos


It specifies number of errors before stoppage of a container


It specifies whether transaction is needed: NotSupported, Supported, Required

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